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Software for dealers and retailers
The new on-line tools to search for codes are available.
The CME database updated to 2015, consists of more than 76.000 model references and more than 8000 pictures of original remote controls.
This special software, which has been developed completely within the CME laboratories, helps retailers to decide which CME Remote Control may be used to replace an original Remote Control.
Locating the ideal Remote Control is a simple and very fast process. You can identify the ideal Remote Control even if your information about the original model is incomplete.
The program also simplifies a quick verification of a remote control with the help of a picture, without the need of watching a large number of figures.
Infact, after inserting some simple parameters, the software analizes all pictures available and shows only those matching the specified parameters.
Online consulting is immediately usable and garanties access to information constantly updated.
Download / installation / update is NOT necessary.

Click on the type of product you are interested to enter the appropriate search software.

Replacement remote controls
Universal remote controls

Those who need to load the ALGO remote control without connecting to the Internet can use the specific software. Download the file "ALGOFLASH.EXE" and run it on any computer "WINDOWS".

If You wish You can download the old code research software updated 01/01/2011. Clic on the link below.

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